Brancaccio Associates

About Us

BRANCACCIO ASSOCIATES LLC was established in the summer of 1982 by Don Brancaccio. Don's background as both an aggressive sales maverick
and the National Sales Manager of a well recognized brand in the Construction Supply Industry, laid a solid foundation for the Rep Agency from Day 1.

Don capitalized on his strong contacts in the greater New York area and was soon being offered more territory than he could ever handle.

Today the agency is owned & operated by Pete "Bronco" Brancaccio & Lawrence Carnuccio.

Both guys cut their teeth early in sales and today they continue the tradition of aggressively promoting brands that they believe have the strongest chance of market dominance.


We believe in the importance of integrity, fairness, and most importantly – family. We possess complimentary skill sets and build off of that paradigm.

Lawrence brings a strong sales background, technical "know-how", and also has experience in working with overseas manufacturers.  In addition, he knows how to scare every factory Sales Manager to death with his NYC "driving style". 

Likewise, Pete brings a strong sales background to the table. Having cut his teeth on the construction side of the business, he understands where a dealer can best leverage opportunity. He is a student of both business & history and is always looking for the next big long-term trend or brand. Unlike Lawrence he is a safe and reliable driver. (Except in Italy.)


Our focus is to help build momentum behind some of the strongest brand names in the industry. Whether the product is going directly into the dealer rental fleet
or out onto the floor for sales, our goal is to increase revenue for our dealer base and brand name recognition for our manufacturers. 

While always open to looking for new opportunities, we nevertheless remain extremely selective and focused on what we ultimately choose to bring into the agency.

That is a trait that has served both our customer base and us extremely well.


Even after 30 years we continue to build a business model that is recognized as an industry leader. We firmly believe that businesses are never static. They are either
growing or they are dying. With the alliances that we have made and the help of our tremendous support staff we will continue to grow and our goal is to help our customers do the same.


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